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Periodic site surveillance & engineering monitoring services of a project on intervals to be determined according to the needs of the project. This service shall include the monitoring of execution, cost, time, design, contract administration, additional cost and time claims, value engineering and variation orders, quality and procurement scheduling, assessment of the status and risks of the project and proposing corrective and preventive actions, if required.

This service shall be required for the following cases:

- Monitoring of action plans prepared as a result of Construction Audit,

- Technical audit of contractors where full time on-site construction / project management services are not required due to the scale of the projects,

- Technical audit on behalf of the land lord who has flat sharing or revenue sharing contracts with other developers / contractors,

- Technical audit on behalf of an investor that is taking a share in a construction investment project,

- Technical audit on behalf of financers who are financing real estate / construction projects.

MÜHENDİS shall conduct weekly / biweekly / monthly site visits, hold periodic meetings with the related parties and conduct office study throughout the project. Thus, MÜHENDİS shall:

- Make random quality control checks and review material tests’ results,

- Review that the material & equipment selections are in accordance with contracts,

- Review, and approve/reject site Mock-ups, - Monitor that the schedule of the works is in accordance with the Contract, and

- Review that the design and specifications are in accordance with contracts.

- Review and evaluate the reports / demands / claims submitted to our clients with respect to construction, design and financial issues, project schedule, overall quality of the works, potential risks and deviations from the Contract, and advise for appropriate precautions to be considered by the Client, and - Asist our client for contractual administration & corre spondence, if required.