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Managing with engineering approach of prestigious super-structure projects, especially for Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Mixed-Use investments, A Class residential & office complexes, educational campuses, museums and various special superstructural projects with different functions starting from land development phase until the handing over stage.

This service can either be provided as the whole of the management activities shall be carried out by MÜHENDİS staff or by also using the Client’s resources under the coordination and management of MÜHENDİS.

The scope of the service shall be configured according to the requirements of the Client and the Project to include all or partial of the services listed hereunder:

 - Selection of subcontractors and or main contractor, audit and management of all project management processes,
 - Establishment and/or review of Site Organization,
 - Management of site activities, - Planning and monitoring,
 - Management of subcontractors / suppliers,
 - Contract Administration, Risk register
 - Design Management and coordination,
 - Quality Control Management,
 - Value Engineering,
 - Cost analyses, Budget, and Cost Control,
 - Procurement and logistics coordination    

With the proposed construction management method, the design activities shall be managed and coordinated by MÜHENDİS, the works shall be split to specialist subcontractors according to their experience and capacity and the bulk of the material shall be directly purchased by the Client. Therefore, the important processes of the system shall be as follows;

Selection of the main contractor and/or subcontractors and suppliers:

A transparent and competitive process shall be established with the involvement of local and international participants. A mutually agreed prequalification system shall also be applied for major tender packages. MÜHENDİS has the experience and reliability to involve many local & international suppliers and specialist contractors & sub-contractors as solution partners for the projects that it is managing. The tenders will be spread over a long-term period as the schedule allows and majority of the problems shall be solved before each tender package is finalized. Therefore, the proposed system shall decrease risks, prices and claims during execution period. The Turkish market is a worldwide competitive and qualified market for the construction sector and MÜHENDİS team is capable of reaching to all these sources and utilize them for the projects outside Turkey too.

Coordination of subcontractors, suppliers and other parties:

The key point of success in high scale construction projects is the level of coordination among the parties. A successful coordination requires;

- A detailed program where each party is aware of the schedule of its activities,

- A good mobilization and construction equipment planning at site,

- Well described job descriptions of each party, where and where to start, how to deliver the peace of the work from the previous party, and how to handle to the latter,

- A good follow-up on a daily basis at site and

- Effective meetings with the attendance of all related parties. All the above issues shall be well defined in the contracts of all the parties and the relevant site procedures. MÜHENDİS will be play the rol of the project manager of a typical contractor for the purpose of daily site coordination issues. The base of MÜHENDİS team is contracting and it has a good experience in doing such required coordination

Design Management and Coordination

Management of all processes of design, starting from the preparation of design and specifications until the preparation of as-built documentation and maintenance and operational manuals shall be managed by MÜHENDİS. This process shall involve the responsibilities stated below with different approaches according to the cases where the design is being created from scratch or being adopted from the present design:

- Selecting of designers, execution and management of design contracts,

- Establishing and monitoring design schedule,

- Reviewing of the design and specifications in terms of constructability, cost, construction schedule, coordination, interdisciplinary coordination, construction method and equipment requirement,

- Managing design coordination meetings,

- Monitoring and coordination of all stages of design from preliminary design until as-built documentation and

- Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals.

Contract Administration:

Analyzing of the Client’s contract with the third party in terms of responsibilities, rights and risks and establishment of “ONE POLICY” for contract administration and align all the personnel to same targets. Thus:

- Contractual obligations shall be executed on time and in accordance with contract conditions,

- Client’s contractual rights shall be preserved and

- The project shall be completed on a timely manner, expected quality and profitability.

- This process shall also include communication with the contracted party, preparation and review of claims and variation orders.