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- The evaluation of all the stakeholders of a construction project in terms of execution, cost, time, design, contract administration, additional cost and time claims, value engineering and variation orders, quality, procurement scheduling,

- Assessment of present status and risks of the project and,

- Proposing corrective and preventive actions if required

Main Targets of Construction Audit:

- Evaluate the existing construction status and review management policies and procedures related to the financial, operational & administrative controls over construction activities and advise the correctivactions,

- Audit contractual risks register and management plan,

- Identify cost recovery/saving opportunities and

- Ensure compliance with relevant contract documents.

The Construction Audit shall be performed to review overall status of the project. It shall consist of review and analysis of the organization and processes of the project, describing the non-conformances, finding out possible solutions to overcome them and reporting to the stakeholders.

Scope of Construction Audit:

The audit will focus on the following particulars of the Project:

- Decision making process of the Company/Project,

- Organizational Structure,

- Design, - Cost and Budget,

- Contract Administration

- Schedule,

- Subcontracting,

- Procurement and Logistics,

As well as the Audit may include all the details of the above-mentioned particulars, it may also focus on specific problems of the projects as may be deemed by the stakeholders. The specific problem will be defined and accordingly all the processes related with the problem will be reviewed in detail and solutions to overcome this problem shall be reported.

Stages of Construction Audit:

- Preliminary Discussion

- Audit Outline - Entrance Meeting

- Audit (Interview, Review & Analysis)

- Revealing Non-Conformances

- Mutual Discussions

- Preliminary Audit Report

- Office Study

- Final Audit Report

- Follow Up (If Requested)