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Consultancy service provided to the stakeholders of super-structural construction companies to assist organizational restructuring of the company. For a proper re-organization:

1. Present Status to be analyzed properly. Present Status is the result of the company culture, which means the common feelings, thoughts and behavior of the people forming the company.

2. The targeted status should be described in the context of the company culture.

3. A reasonable and applicable road map to be drawn to cover the gap between two cultures.

4. Changes to the organization and roles should be defined in this framework.

5. Players appropriate to the roles to be assigned.

6. Management style appropriate to new cultural should be performed.

Considering all these issues and the characteristics of the construction sector, first of all, a construction audit shall be carried out at the head office and selected projects.

In light of the status report following the construction audit, the required reorganizational changes shall be proposed within communication management principles, and if approved by the Client, the organization shall be re-structured.

Reorganization studies have certain costs to the companies.

Successful applications shall compensate these costs in appropriate time, but failures will bring new reorganization studies and new costs.

Therefore, reorganization studies have vital importance and should be done by experts who have experience in management in construction sector.