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Preparing and management of offers and tenders, on behalf of and in coordination with our Clients’ in-house sources, of super-structural projects, especially for Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Mixed-Use investments, A Class residential and office complex.

This service can either be provided as the whole of the offer preparation and tender management activities shall be carried out by the staff of MÜHENDİS, or by also using the Client’s resources under the coordination and management of MÜHENDİS.

For the tenders, A transparent and competitive process shall be established with the involvement of local and international participants.

All or part of the following documents shall be prepared or preparation thereof shall be coordinated during tender activities.

- Bill of quantities showing separately the costs of materials, labor, subcontractor and equipment,

- Work Schedule showing commencement prequisities and handing over conditions,

- Mobilization plan - Equipment List

- Personnel Organization Chart,

- Detailed Site Indirect Expenses,

  • Indirect personnel histogram and cost,
  •  Design organization and costs, 
  •  Security costs 
  •  Insurance costs, 
  •  Mobilization and demobilization costs,
  •  Testing and commissioning costs
  •  Other operating costs

- Cash flow statements where income and expenses are shown separately and project financing requirements,

- List of subcontractors and suppliers utilized in the studies,

- Logistics plan,

- Construction Method

- Tender Clarifications with regard to contractual and technical issues, and

- Contract, if required.